Atheism in General



American Humanist Association                                 

Atheist Alliance International       

Atheist Empire                                      


Atheism Rocks                            

Capella‚€™s Guide to Atheism           



The American Civil Liberties Union

Americans United

Freedom From Religion Foundation


Biblical Criticism


Bible Gateway


Humor (Sarcasm)

The Landover Baptist Church



Fun Videos

What Would Jesus Drive?


Logic and Reason


American Association for the
            Advancement of Science

Bad Astronomy

Pew U.S. Religious Landscape Survey

National Center for Science Education


Social Networking

Atheist Nexus


Atheists Amongst Us

Celebrity Atheists

Famous Atheists


U.S. Government

The White House

The House of Representatives

Why the United States is not a Christian Nation




Divine Interventions

Northern Sun





The Internet contains so many wonderful sites on various topics.  Below are a few of my favorites. I would be more than happy to take suggestions for any additional sites with relevant material to include here. Just send me an email. Links to blog sites are at the Atheist Realm Blog site.






































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